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Life in the north, a small plane in the Arctic Circle in Russia

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Passengers climb aboard the legendary AN-2, Street -30, -30 on board, too, and only in the crush can be a little warm warm breath.

Aboard dragged suitcases and boxes as luggage at the An-2 no. And the flight attendant, who would offer candy and juice, also. This is the reality of modern civil aviation in the Arctic Circle in Russia. While we are discussing here who softer seat in the business - some have only one alternative - An-2 or E-8, and in fact to his village in the tundra or plague from the nearest "airport" might still need to be a few hours on a snowmobile to go. Planes go here as taxis, with intermediate stops, ground the same message is simply impossible!

Today I will discuss the "Naryan-Mar United Air" - the name of airline, which is based at the airport in Naryan-Mar. The capital of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug is only 2.5 hours by plane from Moscow and you get 100% of the northern polar region of authenticity, because it is the only major city of the European part of Russia, which has no permanent road links!

February 9, 1923 as the birthday of the Russian civil aviation, aviation Arctic in the Nenets Autonomous District originates February 4, 1930, when he was made the first flight Arkhangelsk, Syktyvkar, Arkhangelsk. February 13, 1933 opened the first Polar airline that linked Arkhangelsk with Naryan-Mar. L-507, piloted by LK Fitelberg mechanic and Alekseev, covered a distance of six and a half hours.

While the aircraft were used for mail delivery, transporting furs and fish in Arkhangelsk. Flight to Arkhangelsk lasted about 8 hours. Planes were landing in different places: in the winter on the ice of the Pechora River near the sawmill in Karmanovskaya couriers and at public lake, and summer pasture near the villages and Kuya Nikittsy. In 1935, the need for an air base in the Nenets Autonomous District was approved in Sevkrayispolkome. Nenets OIC chairman Ivan Pavlovich Vyucheyskogo proved that to communicate with remote areas, state farms, reindeer, fish encampment district without aircraft can not do. Then the area to handle aircraft was equipped on the ice of the Pechora River. During the war years by residents of Naryan-Mar was built the first dirt airstrip. In 1941, a special air group, which is tasked to conduct surveillance on the Northern Sea Route, to control the entrance to the straits of the New Earth and the convoy trucks. Naryan-Mar stationed the 16th Air Transport Detachment 3 Air Group, subordinate White Sea Flotilla. Aircraft are serviced, refueled and the crew rest before the new departure.

September 30, 1946 established 228y Squadron. In 1963, the squadron was renamed in Naryan-Mar United. In 1985, the airline relocated to the new building of the airport, and freshly airstrip allowed to receive modern aircraft such as the Tu-134, Yak-40, An-24, An-26.

Peak of development was in the late 80's - early 90's. At the same time, a very large amount of flight hours - about 30 thousand. And the helicopter with the aircraft was much more than now. In the late 90's - early two thousandth, a serious recession. Only in the last two years performance of the company began to improve.

Naryan-Mar airport now - this airport, Class B, equipped with landing II and III category from both directions and lighting. Aerodrome takes AN-24, AN-26, AN-12 Tu-134, Yak-40, Yak-42, IL-18, CRJ 200, Boeing 737, ATR 42, helicopters of all types. In winter, at a certain depth of soil freezing can receive IL-76.

Nenets United Air - today it is 605 people - pilots, engineers and technicians, airport workers. Flying Squad consists of 8 crew An-2 and Mi-30 crews 8.

In December 1952, in Naryan-Mar arrived first An-2 is ideal for the Far North. Now the 2013th, and the An-2 is still in the ranks!

Common name "corncob" aircraft inherited from Po-2, since replaced its predecessor in the agricultural sector in the period of seed corn fields. While simple to use, suitable for operation from unprepared ground pads and having a small start and run, the plane was indispensable for work in underdeveloped areas of Siberia, the Far North, Central Asia, where it was used everywhere. An-2 was produced in the USSR, Poland, and continued to be produced in China. There were built more than 18 thousand An-2. Listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the only aircraft in the world, which is available for more than 60 years.

Airfare 2 5tys rubles, there are discounts for students and seniors. Planes take off in the winter skiing, summer on wheels, landing on unpaved strips.

Helicopters Naryan-Mar Squadron consists of Mi-8 helicopters. Hour Mi-8 is 80 100tys rbuley.

And it is the largest helicopter in the world (of commercially-produced) - Mi-26. Among other tasks, he used to carry on venison meat. One hour of the Mi-26 is 670 thousand rubles / hour capacity is 18 tons. When the purchase price 125 rubles per 1 kg of venison, the cost of helicopter transport is another 90 $ / kg! And other options to get to the remote regions of the district simply does not. No roads or winter roads! During the winter of 20-25 makes helicopter flights to various regions where centralized meat dumped on snowmobiles from smaller villages or deer-fit yourself into major points of the face. And there is a flight of 1 hour, and there are low for 5-6 hours.

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