Icebreaker fleet

The phrase "rich as Rockefeller" is no longer necessary: with a fortune of $ 10 billion of oil magnate dynasty takes "only" 24-th place in the list of the wealthiest families in the United States, estimates the American Forbes. The aggregate value of the assets of all the participants list was equal to $ 1.2 trillion, which is 1.7 times less than the GDP of Russia. Most billionaires among the food industry, and all the richer - the owners of chain stores Wal-Mart.

Arctic ice melting due to climate change makes attractive to many companies use the Arctic Ocean as the main route for energy supplies.

Nuclear-powered icebreaker represents a vessel with a nuclear power plant, which was built specifically for use in the waters covered by ice throughout the year . Due to the nuclear installation, they are much more powerful diesel and it is easier to conquer the frozen bodies of water. Unlike other ships, icebreakers have a distinct advantage - they do not need to top up with fuel, which is particularly relevant in the ice , where it is impossible to produce fuel.

In conditions of heightened international competition for resources of the Arctic shelf significantly increases the value of the Russian nuclear icebreaker fleet, as the most effective tool for the transport and economic activities in the Arctic.

By the middle of the XXI century people do not need the Suez and Panama canals: profitable to transport cargo to the Arctic via the North Pole, which will melt due to warming. Polar paths will bring not only economic benefits, but also political friction.