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Russian ships of the ATU: the Northern Sea Route is preparing for a new "recharge"

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The appearance at the disposal of Russia of promising icebreakers necessitates the creation of new vessels.


The prospective project 22220 of the new powerful icebreaker "Leader" promises Russia great benefits in the process of using the Northern Sea Route (SMP), but in this regard there are additional problems. Thus, the use of the new nuclear power plant RITM-400 during the implementation of this shipbuilding project creates certain difficulties in the future.

So, according to the interview of Alexander Ryzhkov, head of the Central Design Bureau "Iceberg", which he gave TASS, his company is already preparing this year to find a solution to this problem. "The vessel for recharging nuclear reactors - the vessel of nuclear technological service (ATO) - is an auxiliary vessel for the nuclear icebreaking fleet, it repairs and recharges nuclear reactors," Ryzhkov pointed out, talking about the prospect of creating a radically new vessel for working with nuclear power units of a new type. At the same time, they were told that the work on the technical design of the ship is planned to be completed by the end of 2018.

The source also drew attention to the fact that modern ships of the ATU have almost exhausted their resources. In addition, they can not work not only with RITM-400, but also with RITM-200. At the moment, the possibility of creating one ATU vessel is being considered, which will be able to fully "fully recharge" all nuclear ships operating in the NSR. However, this issue is not closed, and with the development of the Northern Sea Route, as well as the icebreaker fleet of the Russian Federation, additional vessels of similar designation can be built.

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