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Siberia goes to the Arctic: the most powerful ice breaker in the world was floated

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The head of the Audit Chamber Tatyana Golikova broke a bottle of the Crimean champagne against a board of the first production nuclear power icebreaker "Siberia", having marked his putting afloat. The new atomic-powered vessel, as well as the head Arctic ice breaker, will become the biggest and powerful ice breakers in the world.


For work as for a holiday

What at Baltic Shipyard today a holiday, was felt on a checkpoint. Workers of the plant went on a descent ceremony in high spirits, many of them took with themselves wives and children. The multiton atomic-powered vessel "Siberia" prepared for a putting afloat was decorated with multi-colored balloons, and guests of a ceremony were welcomed by brass band.

The Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Northwestern Federal District Nikolay Tsukanov, the CEO of Rosatom Alexey Likhachev and the president of United Shipbuilding Corporation Alexey Rakhmanov, the chairman of Audit Chamber Tatyana Golikova became guests of honor.
Tsukanov read a congratulation of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to ship builders of Baltic Shipyard. "It is convinced that this the powerful, equipped with the most modern technologies ice breaker considerably will strengthen the capacity of the domestic atomic fleet, will promote the solution of the important multidimensional tasks facing today national economy, to strengthening of positions of Russia as the great sea power" — it is noted in the president's greeting.

"For me huge honor to welcome you on behalf of the Russian nuclear scientists with whom Baltic Fleet sailors are connected by decades of joint fruitful operation. Thanks for your work, for revival of the industry and for that atmosphere of a holiday, enthusiasm, which today at the plant. The ships — as people, at everyone the destiny: at someone difficult, at someone easy, at someone bright, at someone usual, ordinary. Siberia has a predecessor – the ice breaker which in 1977 was accepted in operation. He already valorously served the century and set an absolute record, having reached the North Pole in May. I wish that present Siberia became the world record-holder too, glorified also myself, but the most important — the plant, all of you by new achievements, new world records" — Likhachev told.
He reminded that Siberia is the first production ice breaker of the project 22220. Now at Baltic Shipyard construction of the head atomic-powered vessel "Arctic" and also the second production Ural ice breaker continues.

"But there is a wish bigger: I very much want that we left from here with a dream to meet here once on a putting afloat of the ice breaker of new type, new level – the Leader ice breaker twice exceeding this ice breaker on power. Let's work together on a serial line, let's develop competences and to raise on bigger because we are leaders therefore we – world-best" — the head of Rosatom told.

Rakhmanov has added that shipbuilders show the worthy level of work though and not to master the Arctic without difficulties. "Of course, to us it was very heavy with the first head order, but, probably, in a different way in ices of the Arctic not to break through. I am sure that today we take one more small step in development of the Arctic latitudes and the Northern Sea Route" — the president of OSK has told.

The head of the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovations of St. Petersburg Maxim Meyksin has congratulated workers of Baltic Shipyard on behalf of the city authorities. According to him, the city administration is proud of the fact that Northern Capital became the center of a construction of unique and powerful vessels which will represent the interests of Russia in the Arctic.

The words of gratitude to all who participate in construction of atomic-powered vessels were expressed also by the CEO of Baltic Shipyard Alexey Kadilov. He has noted that the ice breaker goes down strictly according to the schedule that instills confidence that will proceed so further.

The Crimean champagne for Siberia

The godmother of Tatyana Golikova ice breaker called descent of Siberia a significant event.

"Without the icebreaker fleet today, unfortunately, it is impossible to develop economy of the Northern Sea Route, it is impossible to master power of the Arctic zone and to carry out tasks within Navy. Just a year ago, in 2016, you and millions of Russians witnessed how you floated the Arctic ice breaker. But today before us Siberia rises. It is the first production universal atomic ice breaker. And we very much hope that it will be complete at the scheduled time" — she has told.

After consecration of the case of the ice breaker of Golikov cut a tape, having released a champagne bottle which has broken against an atomic-powered vessel board as a fidelity tribute to traditions. Champagne has been delivered from the Crimea especially for a ceremony of descent of Siberia to water.

After the team of the chief builder of the head atomic-powered vessel Alexey Britanov the zaderzhnik helping to hold the case of Siberia on a building berth has been cut and under a loud applause the atomic-powered vessel has descended in waters of Neva. At this time into the sky have produced hundreds of balloons. Now ahead shipbuilders of Baltic Shipyard have a completion of the atomic-powered vessel on water, the term of his delivery – November, 2020.



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