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This tanker will become history

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Christophe de Margerie passed the Northern Sea Route without the ice breaker. It will become history.


Before recent time passage across the Northern Sea Route unambiguously assumed escort of the ice breaker.

Just gas tanker "Christophe De Margeri" for the first time passed along this route from Hammerfest, along the coast of Siberia and through the Bering Strait to Asia absolutely independently.

The route is covered the most part of year with ice, and is used very little for this reason, but he allows to save significantly time in comparison with traditional routes through the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal, imposing at the same time much more increased requirements to vessels.

Now Russians received the first gas tanker which can solve a problem of the Northern Sea Route covered with ices. Passage along a route became possible and therefore that because of climate changes of ice there was less.

The senior research associate of Institute of Fridtjof Nansen Arild Mu (Arild Moe) tells that this tanker — the first of 15 vessels which have to be constructed in Korea for transportation of liquefied natural gas from the Yamal Peninsula. Now Russia constructs the big enterprise for liquefied natural gas production there. Shipment will begin in the fall, and in 2020 when the enterprise is completely put into operation, all new icebreaking gas tankers will be able to make shuttle transportations of natural gas on the continent and to Asia.

Mu says that so far the Northern Sea Route to Asia is annually used only by ten vessels giving it preference before traditional routes via Suez and Panama channels.

"I think that the movement on the Northern Sea Route will be enlarged, but that it won't become the same major international transport artery as the southern routes. In the near future it will be difficult to achieve these objectives owing to natural restrictions" — the scientist says.

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