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The Russian Arctic gas tanker was called in honor of the died head of Total

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The president Putin has participated in a ceremony of naming of the "Christophe De Margeri" ship — in memory of the former head of power concern Total who has tragicly died in 2014 in plane crash at the Moscow airport Vnukovo.

It — unique. Very first in the class. Ice-drifting gas tanker. Real giant: 300 meters in length, 50 in width. It is made especially for severe conditions of the Arctic.

First-ever, capable independently — without ice breaker — to cut two-meter thickness of ice. And now such is only at Russia. It will carry the liquefied gas from fields of Yamal in Sabetta port. But it is impossible to go to a distant campaign without assignment of a name. To a ceremony of naming there arrived the president Putin.

"From now on this modern ship will bear a name of the French businessman, true and great friend of Russia Christophe de Margeri. It possessed special strategic vision. I made for solidifying of friendly, partner relations with Russia much. I will mark that this project, without exaggeration, we mean not only to our country, not only to Europe, but in general is an essential contribution in development of world power engineering" — Vladimir Putin emphasized.

The head of the French corporation Total Christophe de Margeri tragicly perished in the 2014th at the Vnukovo airport. And today on it "a sea sacrament" there arrived his widow, the son and the daughter, and also the present principal of Total who actively participates in the project, Patrick Pouyanne.

"I am sure that Christoph very much would be proud of what we reached today. And I consider that now my responsibility — to continue its business and to build up the relationship with Russia" — Pouyanne told.

The speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko became "God mother" who names the ship. Tradition — old. And here the vessel — the modern. Automatic equipment, satellite navigation. And crew of this large object — only 29 people together with the captain.

To Yamal the tanker will go to the next campaign any day. For once it is capable to carry amount of gas which would be enough for the average European country — for example, Sweden — for the whole month. And it will be possible to walk across the Northern Sea Route by such ships all the year round now.

Evgeny Rozhkov


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