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Russia will build the self-moving Arctic platform

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The St. Petersburg ship-building enterprise "Admiralty Shipyards" will be engaged in construction of the self-moving platform "North Pole" intended for researches and monitoring of the environment in the conditions of the Arctic. As writes bmpd, at the end of March of the current year the Government of the Russian Federation has approved the program of construction of the platform and has allocated 6,9 billion rubles for these purposes.


The drifting North Pole stations are used for scientific research in the Arctic since 1937. They represent the research stations with all necessary equipment built on ices and drifting together with them on hundreds of kilometers. Such stations are used for studying of sea ice, the atmosphere, an ecological situation, climate.

Increase in average annual temperatures in the Arctic has led to thawing of ices and later freezing. At the same time the number of long-term ices with layer thickness more than two-three meters was reduced, and the probability of a break of the suitable for the organization drifting stations of ices significantly has increased. For this reason the decision on construction of the self-moving platform is also made.

The North Pole platform will be able to drift together with ices or to move in them without the aid of the ice breaker. The autonomy of the station on fuel will be about three years. The platform will receive the built-in scientific equipment and the helipad. Service life of this station will make 25 years. Other details about the perspective platform aren't disclosed yet.

According to the existing plans, construction of the self-moving platform "North Pole" has to begin in 2018 and come to the end in the 2020th.

41 drifting North Pole station has been so far organized. The last from them — North Pole has worked from April to August, 2015. During this time she has drifted 736 kilometers.

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