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Nobody pays closer attention to the Arctic today, than Russia

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It is surprising how many people in Russia are ignorant concerning the events in the Arctic! Polls draw a sad picture: most of respondents knows only that "it is very cold there", "there live polar bears" and "there even ice breakers get stuck!". And this with the fact that media the party not only bypass a subject of the Arctic, but, on the contrary, write about this region much and often.

And everything, as for development of the Russian Arctic, is under vigilant attention and control from the Government and personally the President. And in general it is possible to claim that nobody pays closer attention to the Arctic today, than Russia. In a priority at the Kremlin questions of level and quality of life in the Arctic territories, mining and shelf projects, development of the transport system, environmental issues and safety in all her aspects. Why such attention? And as differently if Russia possesses about 40 percent of the spaces of the planet located around the North Pole.

Extent of its Arctic coast – 22 600 km. In the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation over 11 percent of gross domestic product of the country are already now created and about a quarter of her export is provided. Now here 95 percent of the Russian nickel and cobalt, more than 80 percent of gas, 60 percent of copper, 100 percent of barite and an apatite concentrate are got and produced. At the same time in the Russian sector more than 90 percent of reserves of natural gas of all Arctic, about 10 percent of active world reserves of nickel, about 19 percent of metals of platinum group, 10 percent of the titan, more than 3 percent of zinc, cobalt, gold and silver are concentrated.

The complex of sea industrial fishing produces about 15 percent of total amount of fish production. The Russian history of development of the Arctic can be broken into three periods conditionally: these are the 1930th years when coal mining in Vorkuta, non-ferrous metals in Norilsk and construction of the Transpolar highway has begun. Then the 1960-1980th – marked by large-scale geological exploration in the territory of the region, creation of the largest center of gas production in the territory of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area and forming of uniform system of defense of northern boundaries against Murmansk to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

And at last, the present, third stage of industrial development of the Arctic, originates since 2013 from the approval by the Russian President of the state Strategy of development for the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation and adoption of the appropriate federal program of social and economic development of this region till 2020. It should be noted especially unanimous support of industrial development of the Arctic zone from outside as business of community, and the federal ministries and departments, regional authorities. And, the principle of public-private partnership will be fair in this case both for development of territories and for further development of the Northern Sea Route.

For last, in particular, the Norilsk Nickel, NOVATEK and Gazprom Neft companies already build new vessels of the reinforced ice class. In the Polar region in the next years it is supposed to launch about 150 projects on the amount of 5 trillion rubles from which 4 trillion shall make means of non-budgetary sources. Nearly a half of these projects is connected to production and processing in the Polar region of minerals, first of all in YaNAO, as well as to the West and to the east from it. Here it is necessary to mention also the first stage of the large gas Bovanenkovo gas field launched by Gazprom on Yamal, and the Arctic sea oil terminal "Gate of the Arctic" of Gazprom Neft. Very relevant for further development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation construction of two railroads: The White Sea - Komi - the Urals and also "Northern width course" for an output of a flow of loads to the World Ocean through new port Sabetta under construction on the Yamal Peninsula.

Moscow continues to increase the already dominating Arctic fleet. Russia builds three atomic ice breakers, including the world's largest to strengthen the flotilla from about 40 ice breakers, six of which - atomic. The Russian Northern Fleet shall receive in the nearest future the ice breaker and also two corvettes suitable for functioning in ices and armed with cruise missiles too. And, of course, speaking about mastering of the Arctic, it is necessary to mention about resetting to the region of Armed Forces of Russia. In December, 2014 the Integrated strategic command "North" for control of military forces and means in a zone from Murmansk to Anadyr was created and today Russian Armed Forces ensure safety here in case of origin of emergency situations, are a backbone factor for development of the cities and settlements, become one of the chief suppliers of new technologies for civil life. All aforesaid says only that the current efforts on "arrangement" of the Arctic, all those forces and means that "are pumped" (as critics like to speak) into development of the region, all this the correct and favorable investment into the future of Russia, for the benefit of the country and its citizens today.



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