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"Snow Dragon" returned from the Arctic

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China finished seventh Arctic expedition.

In Shanghai back polar research vessel "Syuelun" ( "Snow Dragon"), with 128 members of the expedition on board.

Scientists have conducted studies on geology, physical oceanography, biology, marine meteorology, chemistry and other industries.

Work on the 84 stations of comprehensive research was conducted during the expedition. Scientists working in the Bering Sea, Bering Strait, the Chukchi Sea, in areas of Chukotka hills and the Canada Basin, the expedition first visited the area Mendeleev Ridge. All tasks in the mission had been successfully completed.

Expedition leader Xia Limin pointed out that the present expedition was the first expedition to the Arctic Ocean during the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020.) And plays an important bridging role for research in this area.

Recall seventh Arctic Chinese expedition began on July 11 when "Syuelun" left Shanghai port. For 78 days, the ship broke about 13 thousand nautical miles, the northernmost point of the expedition was the water area with the coordinates 82.53 degrees north latitude, said the agency "Xinhua".

Recall, China began to conduct Arctic research expedition in 1999.



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