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The study of permafrost on the Yamal resumes

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Russian scientists have for the first time in 25 years will lay the platform for the study of permafrost Gydan peninsula in Yamalo-Nenets.

The expedition, during which it is planned to resume work geocryological hospital complex near Lake Parisento, lay monitoring platform for the study of permafrost and conduct exploration of archaeological sites, kicked off on August 5 of Salekhard. On the boat, "M. Kalashnikov, "experts will proceed to Antipayuta, where a helicopter will be transferred to the district hospital in Lake Parisento. With scientists are driven equipment for drilling and exploration of complex permafrost, the press office of the governor of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.

Hospital "Parisento", located in the central part Gydan peninsula, is the most suitable place for the study of the permafrost zone, where power in the territory of 300 meters or more.

Residential and work base for scientists in the expedition will be the 20-ton module. Together with the hospitals on the island of White, the Yamal Peninsula, the hospital under the Nadym "Parisento" enters into a network of research infrastructure in the Arctic.

The expedition included scientists of the Scientific Research Center of the Arctic, Earth Cryosphere Institute SB RAS, Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics AATrofimuk SB RAS, Institute of Water and Ecological Problems, SB RAS.

"Now Yamal scientists, together with colleagues, research institutes of the Siberian Branch of RAS will discover preserved well and to drill new ones to resume the work of the hospital and to lay the basis for long-term studies," - said the director of the Department of Science and Innovation YaNAO Alex Tito.

In the 80 years of the twentieth century in the lake area has functioned Research Hospital - one of the largest in Western Siberia, which were drilled dozens of wells thermometer, the scientists studied the landscape, geology, cryolithozone monitored deformation and temperature changes of permafrost. In 1991, the hospital was closed.



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