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Avetisov G.P. "The names on the map of the Russian Arctic"

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The book under review contains some biographical information on about two hundred domestic and foreign researchers whose names are on the map of the Russian sector of the Arctic. In the work does not include people who are not related to the Arctic, for example, members of the reigning families of Austro-Hungary and England, whose names were given many facilities to Franz Josef Land, and the sponsors of Arctic expeditions, their rank and file members, relatives and friends of members of expeditions.

Each article is accompanied by a list of objects, named in honor of the person, with the year of discovery or naming and author names. The book distinguishes the accuracy of presentation, disclosure of the human traits of each of the persons referred to inherent biographical publications. The author writes: "... all the current developments in the Arctic have been made possible thanks to the efforts of many thousands of people, only a small portion of which is mentioned in the book. Among them are world famous, famous and did a huge amount of remaining anonymous. They all went to the Arctic without thinking about honors and awards, giving their work force, health, life often. " Since the time of Peter I and M. Arctic Lomonosov problem for the state and the country was a priority. I would like to not lose sight of this present government.


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