Sunday, 28 April 2013 15:18

"The Russian Arctic in a changing world"

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In the new Y.Lukin's work disclosed topical issues of development of the Russian Arctic in the modern changing world. Author presents an interdisciplinary model of multi-space Arctic performance of ethnic and cultural landscape.

Analyzes the current problems and geopolitical trends of the evolution of the Arctic area. We study the stages of formation and implementation of policies of the Russian state, the Arctic breakthrough Vladimir Putin - a strategically important practical steps to revitalize the Russian Arctic in 2012. As a national transport communication is considered the Northern Sea Route. SWOT-analysis performed agreement between Russia and Norway, shows Arctic ambitions neighbors.

The publication is intended professionals, politicians, university professors, graduate students, undergraduates, students and anyone interested in these problems. It will be useful for those involved in geopolitics, regional studies, the history of Arctic exploration of space.


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