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The Yamal travelers will read "Legends of the Arctic"

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From Tarko-Sal the expedition devoted to the legendary traveler starts.


Tomorrow members of the Yamal regional office of the Russian Geographical Society will go to another over-snow expedition from the cycle "Legends of the Arctic".

This year the large-scale travel is devoted to the 120 anniversary of legendary Arctic swimming of team of the pioneer Fridtjof Nansen by the Fram ship in 1893-1896.

Participants of an expedition of "the Legend of the Arctic" will pass the cape Sterligova, Scott Island of Gansen, Nordenskiöld Archipelago, Nansen and Tyrtov's islands. A final point of travelers – the island Firnley.

"The main part of group will move forward from Tarko-Sal through Samburg and Antipayuta on Seyakhu where some more participants will join her. Further travelers will go through Gyda to a meteorological station of Sop-Kargu where the participants who have left Norilsk will join group and in full strength will move to Dickson Island", – the head of an expedition Igor Znamensky has told.

Throughout all route travelers will conduct photo and video filming of unique geographical objects, the Arctic flora and fauna.

Expedition materials will present further at exhibitions and lectures.

Except the cultural and educational purposes tasks of group include observation of the natural and weather phenomena in the conditions of high latitudes, and also holding sessions of a radio communication in an amateur air from each of islands.

Anyone on the website of the Yamal office of RGO ( will be able to monitor passing of a route in the online mode.

It is expected that the travel will last one and a half months.

The second part of an expedition of "the Legend of the Arctic" is planned for September. Its participants within the international radio amateur program "Islands on Air" will go by the ship to the most distant northwest point of Russia – Victoria Island from where will leave in an air.



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