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Georgy Sedov

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Georgy Sedov (1877-1914) - Russian hydrographer, Arctic explorer. Born on a farm curve Kos (Province of the Don Cossacks) in a fisherman's family. In 1898 he received his navigator Sedov long voyage, in twenty-four external student passed the exam and was promoted to lieutenant of the Admiralty, sent to the hydrographic expedition Arctic Ocean. In expeditionary voyages brilliantly proved.

During the Russian-Japanese War, commanded minonoskoy № 48, which carried the watch watch in the Amur Bay. And in 1906, he was appointed assistant lotsmeystera Nicholas-on-Amur fortress.

In 1908-1910 he worked in the Sedov expedition of the Caspian Sea, and then conducted a survey on the Kolyma river mouth, and the New Earth Guba charted the Cross, where he was laid Olginsky settlement.

In 1912 he organized an expedition to the North Pole aboard the "Holy Fock" (an old steam-sailing schooner).

In the first year ice prevented the decrepit vessel to reach Franz Josef Land and forced Sedov winter in the New Earth. Because of this, for the second winter in the bay Silent (Franz Josef Land), not enough resources. Among the crew of the onset of illness. Sedov patient together with the sailors Linnik and barren, capturing three sledges, February 15, 1914 left the bay Silent to the pole. Scurvy Sedov poured down, but he told me to tie him to the sledges, and not to stop the campaign. In the ice, near the island of Rudolf March 5, 1914 Sedov died. His companions with easy access to the bay Quiet, his ship.
Expedition to "St. Fox "returned to Arkhangelsk in the midst of World War II. Her return, as well as the death of Sedov, unnoticed.
Georgy Sedov (Bust)

In honor of the village named Georgy Sedov Sedov icebreaker "Georgy Sedov" and the barque "Sedov", Rostov-on-Don, the order "Badge of Honor" Nautical School, a few streets.

In Sedov in 1990 a museum was opened Georgy Sedov.


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