The Government of Norway is preparing to issue licenses for oil and gas prospecting operations in little-studied Arctic areas.

The university of the Arctic will develop the program of the academic mobility for students of institutions of professional education from Russia and Norway which study reindeer breeding. The corresponding agreement is reached between the authorities of Yakutia and the University of the Arctic, the First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the region Mikhail Prisyazhny has told.

The Norwegian scientists have shown the photo of the "dark" zone menacing to mankind which was formed on an ice board in Greenland. It consists of a dust layer and soot, writes the Science Alert edition.

District court of Oslo has rejected the claim international non-governmental the nature protection organization Greenpeace to the authorities of Norway with the requirement to stop drilling in the Arctic.

Five countries argue concerning territories in Arctic regions. They hope to get access to the minerals which are deeply under ice.

Crisis in the oil market and the general depression of world economy have considerably weakened Norway. In January the government of the country for the first time has been in the history forced to use money from oil fund.

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