The Rusak off-road vehicle, created by Nizhny Novgorod scientists and engineers in cooperation with designers from Tatarstan, successfully passed tests in Yakutia and Chukotka, Alexander Blokhin, head of the research laboratory of the Nizhny Novgorod Technical University, told reporters.

The appearance at the disposal of Russia of promising icebreakers necessitates the creation of new vessels.

The university of the Arctic will develop the program of the academic mobility for students of institutions of professional education from Russia and Norway which study reindeer breeding. The corresponding agreement is reached between the authorities of Yakutia and the University of the Arctic, the First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of the region Mikhail Prisyazhny has told.

The St. Petersburg ship-building enterprise "Admiralty Shipyards" will be engaged in construction of the self-moving platform "North Pole" intended for researches and monitoring of the environment in the conditions of the Arctic. As writes bmpd, at the end of March of the current year the Government of the Russian Federation has approved the program of construction of the platform and has allocated 6,9 billion rubles for these purposes.

The Norwegian scientists have shown the photo of the "dark" zone menacing to mankind which was formed on an ice board in Greenland. It consists of a dust layer and soot, writes the Science Alert edition.

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