One of the developers of the new Arctic strategy of Russia, Deputy Minister of the Russian Federation for the development of the Far East and the Arctic Alexander Krutikov said in an interview that changes in the sphere of legislative regulation are required to launch projects in the field of cruise tourism in the Arctic. The decisions taken for the development of cruise tourism are clearly not enough. He considers administrative as the main deterrent.
"It is necessary to remove barriers, first of all, when obtaining permission for vessels to enter certain points of the Arctic zone, change the rules for approving the list of tourists when visiting border zones and zones with a regulated stay of foreigners, as well as change the rules for repeated border crossings by sea vessels. The volume of required changes is quite large, " the source said.
"In 2020, we aim to make and implement all the necessary decisions on the issue of cruise tourism," Krutikov said.
As previously reported, Vodohod intends to organize cruises along the Northern sea route in 2021.

Russia and the United States have a common interest in preserving the openness of shipping routes and also reducing the level of uncertainty and risk. Arctic Waters - not the place for ill-equipped vessels, which represent a danger to themselves and to others, exhausting search and rescue resources of coastal states. At the same time, the Arctic route opens new possibilities with a view to enhance economic efficiency and in accordance with the principle of freedom of navigation at sea.

The Arctic region is frozen treasure hunt followed by all countries. In Russia, the Arctic decided to recall in the context of oil production. In fact, the range of issues related to the Arctic, much broader climate change, preservation of natural habitats, the protection of the indigenous population. His opinion on this matter with the INF shared professor Vincent F. Gallucci, director of the Canadian Arctic Research Center, University of Washington in Seattle, an expert in the field of fisheries and fisheries.