Seventeen months after the steel was first cut, two brand new icebreaking rescue and salvage vessels for the Russian Arctic are ready at Nordic Yards in Germany. The naming ceremony for “Beringov Proliv” and “Murman” was held on Thursday.

The two identical vessels are icebreakers of the second highest ice class, suitable for rescue operations in harsh environments. They can be used both for icebreaking operations in harbors and waters with an ice thickness of 1m as well as for fire-fighting and combating oil spills from the sea.

“Beringov Proliv” will be based in the Sakhalin region, while “Murman” will be based in Murmansk, the shipyard says in a press release.

The vessels can study the ocean floor and damaged objects at depths of up to 1,000m. Furthermore, they are equipped with a helipad on the bow.

The Russian Federal Marine and River Transport Agency and German shipbuilder Nordic Yards in December 2012 signed a contract for the construction of two icebreaking rescue and salvage vessels to operate in Russian Arctic waters. The total volume of the orders was €150 million.


In 2009, Russia announced plans to set up 10 Search and Rescue (SAR) centres between the eastern and the western edges of the Northern Sea Route (NSR) – Port Provideniya and Murmansk - to respond to emergencies along the Northern Sea Route (NSR).