The amount will be invested in a coastal base maintenance of offshore projects in the Murmansk region till 2030.

On the eve of yet another completed aero geophysical survey company.

Foreign partners of "Rosneft" which participated in development of the Arctic shelf, want to keep relations with the company and aspire to return to the project in Kara sea. About it as informs RIA Novosti news agency, the special representative of the president of the Russian Federation on the international cooperation in Arctic regions and Antarctic, the councillor of directors of "Rosneft" Arthur Tchilingarov has declared.

Exxon Mobile and "Rosneft" to stop exploratory drilling offshore in the Kara Sea in the well, "University-1" in connection with the introduction of Russian oil companies against the EU sanctions and the United States, according to Bloomberg.

"Rosneft" expects to open in a new Arctic oil region, in terms of which can be comparable with the major regions of production of black gold in the world. CEO Igor Sechin on Saturday, August 9, expressed the hope that Kara petroliferous province reserves surpass the world's largest natural "storage" of hydrocarbons, reports "Interfax".

Last year, Russian state-controlled oil conglomerate Rosneft became the largest oil company in the world after acquiring one of its major competitors. The company has had its sights on tapping Russia's vast, treacherous Arctic reserves, and after making a few huge deals, it looks like it now has the resources needed to do so.