Rosgeologia plans to continue drilling stratigraphic wells in the Laptev Sea for Rosneft next year after it first conducted such drilling in the Kara Sea this year, Boris Shumsky, director of the holding for offshore projects, told reporters.
Rosneft has drilled shallow stratigraphic wells in the north of the Kara Sea for the first time in the history of Arctic exploration. The project started in October. Its main task is to take a core sample for the subsequent acquisition of data on the geological structure and oil and gas potential of the North Kara basin. The drilling of stratigraphic wells as part of the Rosneft scientific expedition was carried out by the Rosgeologia vessel "Bavenit".
"The vessel can perform drilling operations at a water depth of up to one kilometer and drill wells to a depth of 500 meters. Actually, plans for 2021 already provide for deeper wells in the Laptev Sea. Our task is to drill wells up to 200 meters deep," - said Shumsky.
Director of the Department of Scientific and Technological Development and Innovations of Rosneft Alexander Pashali, in turn, noted that 10 wells were drilled in the Kara Sea as part of a scientific expedition and 6.5 tons of core were taken, which was sent to Innopraktika for further study. "These works, carried out this year, have shown their effectiveness. We expect to continue them next year in the eastern region of the Arctic and hope for the same successful implementation and great data from a scientific point of view," he said.

The amount will be invested in a coastal base maintenance of offshore projects in the Murmansk region till 2030.

On the eve of yet another completed aero geophysical survey company.

Foreign partners of "Rosneft" which participated in development of the Arctic shelf, want to keep relations with the company and aspire to return to the project in Kara sea. About it as informs RIA Novosti news agency, the special representative of the president of the Russian Federation on the international cooperation in Arctic regions and Antarctic, the councillor of directors of "Rosneft" Arthur Tchilingarov has declared.

Exxon Mobile and "Rosneft" to stop exploratory drilling offshore in the Kara Sea in the well, "University-1" in connection with the introduction of Russian oil companies against the EU sanctions and the United States, according to Bloomberg.

"Rosneft" expects to open in a new Arctic oil region, in terms of which can be comparable with the major regions of production of black gold in the world. CEO Igor Sechin on Saturday, August 9, expressed the hope that Kara petroliferous province reserves surpass the world's largest natural "storage" of hydrocarbons, reports "Interfax".

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