Scientific methods of oil and gas geology and geophysics (INGG) of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences are developing new methods of three-dimensional seismic exploration to search for oil and gas fields in the Far North and the shelf of the Arctic seas. The work is carried out jointly with the Krasnoyarsk subsidiary of PJSC "Rosneft".

Putin urges energy companies to develop know-how for drilling in the far north.

Disputes for the richest with resources of not Wad Dra of the Arctic will only accrue, however, to possess something far doesn't mean effectively it to use. Any country isn't prepared for production of minerals in severe Arctic conditions better today, than Russia. And this separation continues to increase.

Seven teams competed for the status of the leader in the construction of production wells at the East Messoyakhskoye field in 2016. The main criteria for determining the winner were the safe performance of work, quality and speed of drilling.

The amount will be invested in a coastal base maintenance of offshore projects in the Murmansk region till 2030.

In Murmansk region the accurate and transparent system of support of investment projects is created.

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