The Norwegian scientists have shown the photo of the "dark" zone menacing to mankind which was formed on an ice board in Greenland. It consists of a dust layer and soot, writes the Science Alert edition.

District court of Oslo has rejected the claim international non-governmental the nature protection organization Greenpeace to the authorities of Norway with the requirement to stop drilling in the Arctic.

Five countries argue concerning territories in Arctic regions. They hope to get access to the minerals which are deeply under ice.

Crisis in the oil market and the general depression of world economy have considerably weakened Norway. In January the government of the country for the first time has been in the history forced to use money from oil fund.

The mankind became the geological force capable to remove approach of the next glacial era. The German scientists, authors of article in the Nature magazine came to such conclusion.

The overall goal for Norwegian Arctic Policy is to ensure that the current geopolitical tensions do not spill over and pose a challenge to peace and stability characterizing the region, says Foreign Minister Børge Brende. Speaking at the Economist Arctic Summit in Oslo on Thursday, the Norwegian Foreign Minister publicly addressed suggestions of contagion risk to the Arctic from current geopolitical tensions with Russia.

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