The large anti-submarine ship Severomorsk returned to the main base of the Northern fleet from a long trip to the Arctic, and then to the Atlantic. The crew was met by the commander of the SF Hero of Russia Vice Admiral Alexander Moiseev. According to naval tradition, he handed the ship's commander, captain 1st rank Anatoly Kozhurov, a roast pig.
Severomorsk led the ninth Arctic cruise of ships and vessels across the seas of the Arctic ocean. After a trip to the Arctic, the crew completed their tasks in the North Atlantic. There, a large anti-submarine ship interacted with the tanker "Sergey Osipov".
The sailors were on the campaign for three months, they overcame more than 12 thousand nautical miles, worked out ten tactical exercises, using the entire range of weapons. On Taimyr and Chukotka, Marines landed on the unequipped sea coast, and on the island of Alexandra Land, They fired from the Bastion coastal missile system.

The Arctic will become a priority for the Northern fleet in the coming year. This was stated by the commander of the Northern fleet Admiral Nikolai Evmenov when setting tasks to subordinates.

"The Northern fleet has accumulated vast experience in the Arctic – the use of underwater forces in the Arctic basin, and the activities of surface forces to ensure security in the areas of the main Arctic transport highway of Russia — the Northern sea route, as well as in the field of rescue operations and environmental safety in the Arctic zone", — said Admiral Nikolai Evmenov.

This year, the Northern fleet plans to carry out a number of Arctic campaigns of the ships ' detachments, as well as conduct various tactical exercises involving units located on the Arctic Islands. In addition, in the Arctic zone planned to conduct rescue exercises, as well as to ensure the safety of coastal and island territories of Russia, — the press service of the Northern fleet.

Along with the development of the Arctic, the Northern fleet will continue to perform tasks in other areas of the world ocean.