YaNAD has become the leader in the Russian Arctic zone in terms of investment, Tass reports with reference to the press service of the governor of the district.

Arctic has yet to become a region to which the switch attention of a wider world community. However, the regional states now form the way they are perceived in many ways in the future. Many tools can be good in terms of proving his "arktichnosti".

Guggenheim Partners counted cumulative world investments into the Arctic. They made $432,4 billion According to experts of the company, for a sustainable development it is required to the region in the sum of $1 trillion, that is at the moment there are no $567,6 billion more.

That new investments to the North Pole didn't turn into destructive "gold-rush", the initiative group of economists specially to the Davos forum developed the set of rules - "The principles of responsible investment into the Arctic". As well as in a case with the Parisian climatic protocol, their use though isn't obligatory, but it is extremely desirable.