Presidential Advisor Anton Kobyakov and Ambassador of Finland to Russia Mikko Hautala discussed an international Arctic agenda in Moscow.

During the meeting they pointed out the prospects of cooperation that are offered by the coming three-year Russian chairmanship of the Arctic Council in 2021-2023 as well as by the Arctic — Territory of Dialogue 6th International Arctic Forum to be held next March. The parties also agreed that all the initiatives already being implemented by their countries should be continued as part of the Russia-Finland dialogue.

"We have been vigorously preparing for the June 2020 International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg and we would like to keep our arrangements for 2021 regarding the development of Russia-Finland dialogue. Topics such as intense and sustainable forest management and bio economics are very pressing for us and I want to underscore the tangible progress made by a number of Russian regions in reducing soot emissions by using gas. We are ready to share our experience in these issues on a permanent basis. During the Russian business mission's travel to Finland, the heads of 13 Russian regions visited our country and the agreements reached have their follow-ups for the development of our business contacts, say in the Komi Republic," said Mikko Hautala.

We offer you an essay of candidate of political Sciences, associate Professor of international studies Of the Institute of foreign Philology and regional studies of NEFU. M. K. Ammosov, N. S. Canada Division of the Institute of USA and Canada studies Maximova Dariani Dmitrievna. Essay was specially written for the Round table "the World in 2035: a view of youth", which was organized by IMEMO is the name of Yevgeny Primakov Russian Academy of Sciences, Centre of foreign policy cooperation name of Yevgeny Primakov and the Fund of support of public diplomacy name A. M. Gorchakov. First of all, this text is devoted to forecasting the development of international relations in the Arctic region in the coming decades.

VIII International Forum "Arctic: present and future", which opens on December 5 in St. Petersburg, will be devoted to new vectors of development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation.