The arctic race behind ice resources of a planet picks up speed, and rates in this uneasy play are high. Today potential geological stocks of hydrocarbons in polar latitudes are sized up in 200 mlrd tons of oil and 400 trln gas cubic metre.

On the Arctic in Canada until March 30, will be held Canadian military doctrine. According to the Ministry of Defence of Canada, 2015 NOREX maneuvers will include shooting and forced marches in severe winter conditions.

In 2014, the Russian Center for Strategic Studies and Forecasts with the support of The Alexander Gorchakov public diplomacy fund has carried out research resulted in the analytical report “The observer countries of the Arctic Council: the position and incentives” presented at the meeting of the International Expert Council on Cooperation in the Arctic which was held in October 2014 during the international exhibition TRANSTEC-2014 in St. Petersburg.

Well remained skeleton of one of the ships has been found in September. Some weeks have left on establishing, what of two ships of expedition of Franklin is found - "Erebus" or "Terror". For ship identification underwater archeologists used modern means - chambers of the high permission and multibeam sonic depth finders.

One of the two British ships Franklin Expedition, disappeared in the Arctic more than 160 years ago, found, said the prime minister of Canada.

In Iqaluit, Canada held a constituent meeting of the Arctic Economic Council set up under the Arctic Council, the press service of the AC.

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