At the end in Kiruna ministerial meeting - members of the Arctic Council summed up the results of two years of the Swedish presidency of the organization. The title of chairman moved to Canada. On the outcome of the meeting, "The Voice of Russia," said the representative of the Russian Federation in the Arctic Council, the special envoy Anton Vasilyev.

It's Canada’s primary polar knowledge agency.

Among the researchers, the North of the 20th century stands out is Vilyamura Stefansson. Why? Because that's what this man bowed before the more experienced travelers and investigators, he had all the data in order to successfully engage in the study of the North, as well as the sincere love of nature and boundless desire to know it. We sell tickets to Canada.

Arctic era


In 2012, Russia is going to submit a request to the UN to expand the limits of its continental shelf of the Arctic in order to attach to its exclusive economic zone of 200 miles length is 1.2 km2, presumably rich fossil hydrocarbons. The basis for this claim are two underwater ridge (the ridge Mendeleev and Lomonosov Ridge). This statement may result in the presentation of human responses to the territory from Canada and Denmark.

Currently in law is not defined territory and borders the Arctic. In the international legal doctrine under the Arctic traditionally understood part of the world, centered on the North Pole, and a peripheral boundary - the Arctic Circle (66 ° 33 'north latitude). In this case, there are no international agreements that secure a single generally accepted concept of "Arctic".

Melting glaciers creates new opportunities, which may well be interested shipowners. The enthusiasm of some contrasts with the skepticism of others.

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