Canadians consider themselves northern nation. 50 - dollar bill , recently released into circulation by the Central Bank of Canada, shows icebreaker " Amundsen " , who is also a research vessel . North for centuries lived in the Canadian soul , says an official statement of the Government Prime Minister Harper on national " foreign policy in the Arctic." Its priority is to demonstrate the Canadian flag in the north and protection of state sovereignty .

Ending 2013 outputs a voltage to Arctic policy in Canada , becoming an important turning point in its polar strategy. For Prime Minister Stephen Harper this country the issue of sovereignty in the Arctic region is part of the political agenda . He instructed his subordinates to the inclusion of the North Pole in the application , they are going to submit to the UN Commission on the Law of the Sea .

Russia welcomes foreign partners in the development of the shelf and is preparing to defend their territories. As you know, Canada - Nordic country . The total length of its Arctic coastline is about 162,000 miles , and the area of the Arctic territories it occupies the first place in the world. However, the official Ottawa not averse to expand its sphere of influence in the region .

Canada on the last day of the UN filed a request for an extension of its shelf within the Arctic. This was reported today by the Canadian Media Foreign Minister John Baird . "We have asked our officials and scientists to conduct additional work needed to apply for the entire continental shelf of Canada , including the North Pole" - quoted Minister of Canadian broadcaster CTV.

The Obama administration consistently stepping up efforts to consolidate the leading role of the U.S. in the development of the Arctic region.

Six years have passed since the Russian researchers have set up their national flag near the North Pole. Since that fateful day in discussions about the Arctic is dominated by themes of possible conflict over energy resources, new transport links, the environment and biological resources. News about the accomplishments of the region come every year.

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