Canada is concerned about the growth of Russia's military presence in the Arctic and, if necessary, ready for the military defense of its sovereignty in the region. This was stated by Foreign Minister John Baird in Canada in an interview with the Danish newspaper Berlingske during his visit to Copenhagen.

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In Ilulissat Declaration of 28 May 2008, all five Arctic coastal states (Russia, USA, Canada, Norway and Denmark on behalf of Greenland) pledged to resolve territorial claims in the framework of international law, as reflected in the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea. The Declaration affirmed that the legal framework provided by the UN Convention, which is sufficient to control the Arctic Ocean, and there is no need to establish a new international legal regime.

When it comes to the Arctic, Vladimir Putin and Stephen Harper see eye to eye on one thing: it’s a vast melting wonderland full of oil that’s ripe for the taking. Who gets what is a matter of international debate and for the first time since tensions between both countries began in December 2013 over disputed land claims in the North Pole, the conflict has militarized. 

Ottawa sends a scientific expedition to the Arctic with the aim of mapping the seabed that will allow Canada to expand its territory. According to the website of the Government of Canada, two icebreakers will study the Lomonosov Ridge area of Ellesmere Island to the North Pole.

Canada will not take part in the Moscow meeting of the Arctic Council at the expert level . This was stated by Minister for the Arctic Council Canada Aglukkak Leon writes a Canadian daily newspaper The Globe and Mail.

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