In the Arctic there are no problems that can not be solved on the basis of mutual understanding and constructive dialogue.

The Arctic - a region of strategic importance for our country. Living and working there people need constant support from the state.

The Arctic region is frozen treasure hunt followed by all countries. In Russia, the Arctic decided to recall in the context of oil production. In fact, the range of issues related to the Arctic, much broader climate change, preservation of natural habitats, the protection of the indigenous population. His opinion on this matter with the INF shared professor Vincent F. Gallucci, director of the Canadian Arctic Research Center, University of Washington in Seattle, an expert in the field of fisheries and fisheries.

The head of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Russian Federation Sergey Donskoy on Tuesday will submit to the UN the request for expansion of a continental shelf of the country in the Arctic Ocean.

On September, 24th, 2015 within the limits of the program of the International exhibition on shipbuilding, navigation, activity of ports and to development of ocean and a shelf "Neva-2015", St.-Petersburg, will pass next, the third, session of the International advisory council on cooperation in Arctic regions on a theme «Economic, technological and sea cooperation in Arctic regions».