In St.-Petersburg on September, 24th during the International exhibition on shipbuilding, navigation, activity of ports and development of ocean and a shelf "Neva-2015" the annual meeting of the International Expert Council on cooperation in the Arctic will take place . Staff of diplomatic missions of the countries-participants and the countries-observers of Arctic council, representatives of the Russian and foreign business structures conducting activity in region, the Russian and foreign experts will take part in action. A session theme - "Economic, technological and marine cooperation in Arctic regions".

The author analyzes the first months of the presidency of the United States of the Arctic Council, as well as sanctions policy the United States and European countries against Russia in the Arctic area. The report stresses that in the context of many unresolved issues, the United States intends to use its presidency in the first place to solve their own internal problems of the Arctic.

The question of providing of safe shipping industry in Arctic regions takes on special significance today, and the international cooperation in this direction will develop even in the conditions of action of sanctions concerning Russia, the general director of Centre of strategic estimations and forecasts Dr.Sci.Tech. Sergey Grinjaev has stated agency "InfoRos".

Leopold Lobkovsky, a deputy director of Marine Geology Division at Russian Academy of Sciences oceanology institute, said that if Russia's relations with Denmark and Canada were not overshadowed by political tensions, the three nations could have filed a joint bid to expand its Arctic shelf borders.

On May, 2nd, 2014 the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has signed the decree defining overland territories of the Arctic zone of Russia. The list included polar subjects of Federation and northern areas of large regions of the country. Including Norilsk which is an advanced post of Russia in Arctic regions. Possessing the developed infrastructure, volume of the made electric power and an accessible social base, Norilsk can become one of the centres of the accelerated development and development of the Arctic zone.