Contributions to the Arctic review (official publication of the International Expert Council on Cooperation in the Arctic) annual issue was conveyed to 10th June 2020. 

The main topic of this year – “Science, education and training: towards Arctic projects implementation”.

Summing up doesn't make sense without understanding of prospect. In the end of the year the president has made a number of statements which will exert impact on further development of Russia.

Geopolitics is about the politics of space which includes its various characteristic e.g. location, size, natural resources, trade routes (both land and sea), economy and of course environmental conditions.  In all classic theories of geopolitics, world has been divided into Heartland, Rimland and World Island and many areas have been identified and discussed as more important than others for various reasons. But, the Arctic has been totally ignored in all its geopolitical dimensions as we do not find any geopolitical mention of its size, location, trade route and resources etc.

In the Arctic there are no problems that can not be solved on the basis of mutual understanding and constructive dialogue.

The Arctic - a region of strategic importance for our country. Living and working there people need constant support from the state.