In the XX-th century beginning formation of a particular treatment of Arctic ocean (further - the ARCTIC OCEAN) on a basis, first of all, the right-primenitelnoj of practice of the Arctic states, the national legislation, the mutual bilateral and multilateral arrangements reflecting conditions was marked activity in the ARCTIC OCEAN.

May 10, 2013 approved and promulgated by the U.S. National Strategy for the Arctic region. The strategy states that the region is important for the economic development of the United States. In this case, the Arctic is a peaceful, stable and free from conflicts. The United States and its allies and partners of the Arctic tend to sustain this spirit of trust, cooperation at the international level and within the United States.

Currently in law is not defined territory and borders the Arctic. In the international legal doctrine under the Arctic traditionally understood part of the world, centered on the North Pole, and a peripheral boundary - the Arctic Circle (66 ° 33 'north latitude). In this case, there are no international agreements that secure a single generally accepted concept of "Arctic".