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Russian Students Discovered a New Island in the Arctic

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On July 9 2020 eight students of the “RiskSat” project group from Troitsk, Tula, Venev, Dedovsk, Gatchina, St. Petersburg and Yakutsk made a geographical discovery - they discovered a new island in the region of Severny Island of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago. The discovery was made online as a result of processing satellite images. It is planned that in September a joint expedition of the Russian Geographical Society and the Northern Fleet will explore the new island.

According to satellite monitoring data, the island was formed on July 9, 2020 as a result of the collapse of the ice bridge connecting Severny Island with the retreating Vilkitsky Yuzhny glacier. The dimensions of the new island are 410 by 200 m, the area is 5.6 hectares, the height, together with the remaining ice cover, reaches 27 m.

Previously, the school group had already discovered islands in the Novaya Zemlya region using satellite images, for example, in 2019, young explorers also discovered an island in the region of Schmidt Island of the Severnaya Zemlya archipelago.

It is planned that the new island will be studied by members of the expedition of the Russian Geographical Society and the Northern Fleet to the Arctic archipelagos. The expedition will take place from August to October 2020. It will be attended by surveyors, cartographers, oceanographers, geologists, biologists and other specialists.


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