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In Murmansk discussed the strategy "Arctic 2035»

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Head of Murmansk region: it is important that the Arctic does not become the territory of shift workers


The government of the region held the first visiting meeting of the discussion club of the Arctic development Project office (PORE). The theme was a strategic session on the development of the macroregion until 2035.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Federal and regional authorities, public organizations and business. They discussed The strategy for the development of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation and national security until 2035. Now this document is being developed by the Ministry for the development of the Far East and the Arctic. Also presented were the interactive digital platform developed TIME. The platform allows to collect public proposals for inclusion in the Arctic development Strategy.

Alexander Krutikov, Deputy Minister for the development of the Far East and the Arctic, speaking on the video conference channel, said: "the New strategy for the development of the Arctic will differ in the presence of a regional component-each subject of the Federation will have its own section in the text of the document. That is why we initiated the discussion of the Strategy in the Arctic regions. I thank the Arctic development Project office for organizing this discussion and launching the digital platform. I promise that the proposals received will be considered and taken into account as much as possible."

Andrei Chibis, acting Governor of the Murmansk region: "it is no Coincidence that the first platform for discussion was Murmansk — the world's largest city beyond the Arctic circle. Our region is on the verge of a powerful breakthrough of development: by 2035 it is planned to double the capacity of the Murmansk transport hub, shelf projects have a huge potential, another important component should be tourism. The main value is our human capital. It is important that the Arctic does not become only the territory of shift workers. We need to make every effort to improve the quality of people's lives — from creating a comfortable urban environment, building social infrastructure to create competitive conditions for development of small and medium businesses. The strategic session allowed us to go through these and many other issues in detail."

Boris Tarasov, General Director of the Arctic development Project office: "Murmansk is a beautiful Northern city with glorious traditions, where wonderful, creative people live. Is it possible, sitting in Moscow, to feel their real needs and needs? Of course not. Therefore, the delegation of our expert center with the support of Minvostokrazvitiya Russia and came to you. The administration of the Murmansk region is consistently working with the legislative and Executive bodies of state power to solve the problems of the region, as well as for the development of the Arctic as a whole. However, there are long-standing systemic problems: oil dependence of the region, underutilization of fish processing enterprises and a number of other issues. We propose to solve systemic issues in the paradigm of sustainable development. Just a couple of weeks ago, we opened a branch of our expert center in Murmansk and called it the laboratory of sustainable development. Its work will be devoted to the implementation of the principles of sustainable development in the Murmansk region and the entire Russian Arctic, as well as in the territories belonging to the Barents region."

At the meeting, the participants voiced a number of important ideas for inclusion in the Strategy: the need to improve the competitiveness of Arctic small and medium-sized businesses, the adjustment of polar benefits in the framework of pension reform, tax incentives for enterprises, the return of polar payments for young professionals, support for the culture and traditional way of life of indigenous peoples, the development of tourism. 



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