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Military hydrographs discovered five new Russian islands in the Arctic

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The hydrographic group of the Northern Fleet, working as part of a comprehensive expedition to the Franz Josef Land archipelago, confirmed the discovery of five islands in the Kara Sea. They are located in Vise Bay, west of Severny Island in the area of the Vylki Glacier. “The area of objects varies from 900 to 54.5 thousand square meters. m. A new survey was carried out on the new islands, they are described in detail and photographed, ”the Northern Fleet press service said in a statement. New territories were first noticed in 2016 when analyzing satellite images. It is assumed that previously the island was hidden by a glacier.

In 2015-2018, the Northern Fleet hydrographs helped to discover more than 30 new islands, capes and bays in the area of the Franz Josef Land and Novaya Zemlya archipelagos. The comprehensive expedition of the Northern Fleet to Franz Josef Land started from Severomorsk on August 15 and should last until the end of September. In addition to conducting the planned research, its participants want to partially repeat the routes of the pioneers Julius Payer (expedition of 1874), Frederick Jackson (expedition of 1897), as well as the rescue expedition of navigator Valerian Albanov.



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