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"For fog" in the Arctic, no one will go. The state Duma discussed the involvement of young people

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In the Small hall of the state Duma was held a round table "Legislative framework for the formation of mechanisms to attract young professionals to the Arctic and the far East", which was attended by deputies of the lower house of Parliament, employees of relevant ministries and departments, representatives of the regions, teachers and students of universities, schoolchildren.


Opening the event, the Chairman of the organizing Committee Nikolai Kharitonov called the Arctic and the far East a pantry of Russia with a unique nature and expressed confidence that someday young people will be recorded in the queue to move to these regions. Hero of Russia, a famous scientist and researcher of the Arctic and Antarctic Arthur Chilingarov stressed that the development of any expanse is impossible without personnel.

"My task today is to listen to opinions and think over how to legislate good initiatives," the parliamentarian explained.

The problem of shortage of qualified personnel was stressed by almost all speakers, at the same labeling as the need to hold in the birthplace of the young in the far East and the inhabitants of the Arctic region, and attracting young people from regions-donors. The importance of positioning and promoting the image of these regions as dynamically developing, providing significant opportunities for career growth, was among the final recommendations of the round table.

"Before offering young people to move to the Arctic and the far East, think about the local population. People already live in the Arctic not because of preferences, but because it is their home – their habitat, their usual field of activity, — said the adviser to the rector of RSPU. Herzen, the first Vice-President of the Russian Federation Akmescid Nina Vasilova. - Our University, with the support of the Russian Association of indigenous peoples, has developed a project of a Resource center that will help to establish career guidance processes among young people in the Arctic, Siberia and the Far East. After all, it is time to reconsider the long-outdated mechanisms of attracting personnel to the North. All of these projects, "Start his career with the Arctic", etc. is good, Patriotic, but now times have changed, and to lure the young to the North, in the Arctic, the far East just pretty pictures, Northern romance, mists and smells of the taiga does not take place. They will come and see that there are no roads, no normal access to medicine, the usual services — and back to the mainland. The economic attractiveness of working in the North has virtually disappeared now."

According to Nina Vasilevoj, the first thing to do career guidance among the living in the regions of youth. Show them promising professions-send to the right universities and colleges. And, of course, to meet returning home professionals good lifting payments — the prospect of housing and high wages by Northern standards. Nina Vasilova believes that the Arctic, the far East — the territory of the special, with the specificity of living there, so don't all rush there because of high salaries. Now decent money can be earned in many regions of Russia and with normal climatic conditions. Currently, there is no complete system supported by the state, including training, retraining and attracting specialists to work in the North, the Arctic and the far East.

As reported in the information center of the Association of indigenous peoples of the North, Siberia and the Far East of the Russian Federation, the round table mainly focused on the industrial development of these territories and the "luring" of specialists, with which the rector's adviser disagreed. In her opinion, the majority of people who will be able to be lured are shift workers and temporary workers who have a homeland in warm regions where they will dream to return.

"Today's young people will play a key role in the implementation of strategic initiatives to expand existing LNG production and markets, the introduction of new technological solutions," said Alexander Morogov, head of the Sakhalin energy personnel support Department and participant of the round table. — Many young people are often not very well aware of the situation in the region, about the prospects of work. This should be changed, including using popular resources among young people, especially virtual space and social networks."



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