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The main statements of Vladimir Putin for 2017

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Summing up doesn't make sense without understanding of prospect. In the end of the year the president has made a number of statements which will exert impact on further development of Russia.


Vladimir Putin has expressed the need to provide changes and to increase achievements for providing the worthy future of the country.

"We have already proved that we can realize dreams and the most ambitious plans, overcome the most difficult tests contrary to all circumstances.

... We still should make a lot of things. First of all for the sake of wellbeing of citizens to overcome poverty and inequality.

And the level of these problems still, unfortunately, so far is very high. We have to answer fatal, historical calls adequately.

What? It is saving and enhancement of our people. It is creation of new economy. Development of the Arctic, the Far East, Siberia and all regions of our huge country.

At last, it is a future call — the real revolution in medical technologies, in technologies per se in a broad sense of this word. In education.

To be fenced off from these global trends or to try to follow only someone — certainly, it is not our choice, it can't be our choice. We have all opportunities — and we in many respects have already made it — to restore those competences where we, certainly, were leaders always. And we will surely break to new competences which are necessary to us for development, of it there are no doubts.

We have to be leaders in knowledge, intelligence, social and cultural development and at the same time, of course, to keep originality, to rely on the best traditions.

All these tasks — for the years ahead. And we can't stumble, lose the chosen course, otherwise again everything should be started almost from scratch".

From a performance at the Forum of actions of the Russian Popular Front on December 19, 2017



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