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Arctic 1500: snowmobile with a "Zhiguli" engine

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Chelyabinsk snowmobiles are so severe that they do not care that the drag on the hook - even an SUV, though mammoth. Some such thoughts come to mind when you look at the pre-series "Arctic" - not a simple utilitarian snowmobile, but a real snow tractor.

The idea of such a machine could have arisen only in the vicinity of Chelyabinsk. Judge for yourself: two 500 mm tracks, weight is only slightly less than five quintals and "polutoralitrovye" engine. Utilitarnik? Certainly. Just compare it not with anyone: the closest competitor - legendary Alpina Sherpa, but it has a more powerful engine, and the price tag is almost four times higher.

Motor as "Arctic" - ours, VAZ. The front desk of the same manufacturer. Caterpillar from Rybinsk. Rama, as well as plastic, is made in China. The main advantage of this approach - there are no problems with spare parts and good maintainability.

Collect the car carefully, neither the quality of the color, nor the fortress of welded joints do not cause problems. Puzzled by the lack of a traditional throttle trigger. In the "Arctic" are conventional panels and motorcycle motorcycle handle the gas. Unusually, and most importantly - safe: with a sharp jerk the hand itself will release the trigger and handle, on the contrary, clung.

However, the pilot jerks "Arctic" should not be afraid: the snowmobile accelerates smoothly, and lightning speed dial "vosmerochny" motor never famous. The car moves off with two thousand and continues to accelerate until the tachometer needle does not get to 5000, which corresponds to a speed of about 80 km / h. The power unit is well suited to this unit can not be said about the transmission. Not only is the selector switches from work (at times to connect the desired mode had to turn off the engine), so still and the gear ratios are chosen poorly. Now the variator belt slips even at low loads, but the manufacturer has promised to alter the transmission to the beginning of serial production.

Chelyabinsk succeeded in creating an excellent machine having only a distant competitor on the market ( "Sherpa" much more expensive). In the beginning, the Chinese frontier guards have bought half a dozen cars in Chelyabinsk, but with clearer they motor from "Geely". Despite the fact that while most of the cars made in China, the company intends to eventually move production to Russia. Let's see what happens. At the moment, the main thing - dolechit childhood diseases.




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