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The NAO will be a new law on reindeer

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The new draft law on reindeer herding has been approved by the Administration of the Nenets Autonomous District and sent to the regional parliament for consideration.

The reason for the development of the law is that many of the old conflict with the provisions of the federal legislation and were almost impossible to meet. The new bill is written more "compact", contains information about social norms support herders' and focuses on the practical application, the press service of NAO administration.

The bill sets out three main objectives - state support of reindeer herders, aimed at increasing production, processing and marketing of reindeer products, preservation and rational use of reindeer pastures, social protection reindeer herders and their families.

The new wording governs the basic directions of support reindeer, questions of land deer farms, conservation of habitat of deer, keeping their livestock and identification, breeding work, veterinary measures, research into reindeer, medical care herders access of their children to educational services, training personnel for the industry, and even insurance deer.

The project has already passed the procedure of "zero reading". The new law can be adopted in the first reading before the parliamentary recess in the session on 30 June.

Recall, the current law "On reindeer husbandry in the Nenets Autonomous District" was adopted in March 2002.



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