Wednesday, 11 May 2016 10:18

Scientists from Russia and the United States to study global warming in the Arctic

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Siberian and American scientists will study the problem of climate change and global warming in the Arctic. This will develop methods to prevent a possible environmental disaster in the region.

This Novosibirsk told reporters Professor University of Massachusetts at Amherst Julia Bridzhgeym-Grette.

According to her, the scientists first of all have to learn how to quickly change the climate in the region. Then you can analyze the speed and nature of these changes, to develop mechanisms for slowing warming in the Arctic and to make recommendations to the authorities of States that are here for their activities.

Now the US delegation headed by Bridzhgeym-Grette, which for many years has been glacial (the study of glaciers and other species of natural ice) and paleoclimatology of the Arctic, arrived in Novosibirsk to become familiar with the possibilities of Siberian scientists, and work together to develop ways to obtain the necessary information.

"We have not had contacts now they will visit a number of institutions, look at our achievements, and that will be the basis for the drafting of joint work." - Said Zinfer Ismagilov, director of the Institute of Coal Chemistry and Chemical Materials Science, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.



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