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Icebreakers from the project 22220 will provide domination of Russia in the Arctic

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In November of the current year at Baltic Shipyard in St. Petersburg laying of the Russian nuclear ice breaker "Ural" of the project 22220 will take place, - have declared on Tuesday, April 5, the chief designer of JSC CDB Aysberg Alexander Ryzhkov in the Performance at the International Forum "NDExpo-2016 — high technologies for a sustainable development".

"Ural" — the second ice breaker in a project 22220 series. Now the Baltic Shipyard builds the head nuclear ice breaker of this project — the "Arctic". His descent to water is planned in May, 2016. The contract for construction of two other ice breakers of this project, "Siberia" and "Ural", Baltic Shipyard has concluded with the Rosatom state corporation in May, 2014. The total cost of the contract makes 84,4 billion rubles.
Why the "Arctic" — the unique ice breaker, than it surpasses foreign analogs that gives to Russia existence of such ships — the Federal news agency has asked these questions the representative of LLC Baltic Shipyard — Shipbuilding, the project manager 22220 Sergey Chernogubovsky.

According to Chernogubovsky, the head nuclear Arctic ice breaker of the project 22220 will become the biggest and the most powerful ice breaker in the world. Its length — 173,3 m, width — 34 m, draft on a constructive waterline — 10,5 m, the minimum working draft — 8,55 m, displacement — 33,54 thousand tons.

"Uniqueness of the Arctic ice breaker consists also in a two-sedimentary design which will allow to use the ship and in the Arctic waters, carrying out caravans of transport courts through ice up to 3 meters thick, and in mouths of the polar rivers. The ice breaker will work in the seas of the western part of the Arctic: in Barents, Pechora and Karsky. The second type of draft will give him the chance to come on shallow sites of the mouth of Yenisei and Gulf of Ob" — Sergey Chernogubovsky has told.

The Arctic ice breaker will receive the two-reactor power station with the main source of steam from reactor installation of new generation RITM-200 with a power of 175 MW which has been specially developed for this vessel.

"Nuclear icebreaking fleet only Russia owns, there are no analogs the head atomic-powered vessel which is under construction at us around the world" — the project manager has told.

The new ships of the project will provide passing in the Arctic ices of the transport ships which will transport hydrocarbonic raw materials from fields of the Yamal and Gydansky peninsulas, the shelf of the Kara Sea on the markets of the countries of the Pacific Rim.

"Besides studying and development of raw fields and development of the Northern Sea Route, the countries of a basis of a state policy of Russia approved by the president in the Arctic, and also Strategy of development of the Arctic zone and ensuring national security till 2020 are realized. In this framework approved by the president of the country we conduct construction of the unique nuclear ice breakers capable to provide the Russian presence at limits of eternal ices of a polar circle" — Sergey Chernogubovsky has told.


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