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People stopped approach of a glacial era

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The mankind became the geological force capable to remove approach of the next glacial era. The German scientists, authors of article in the Nature magazine came to such conclusion.

Researchers from the Potsdam institute on studying of influence of climate found out that the ratio of the received solar radiation and concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere — is the main criterion allowing to explain the last eight cycles of a freezing and retreat of glaciers in the history of Earth. Even limited intervention of the person in natural balance of carbon on the planet (emissions from one thousand to one and a half gigatons) removes approach of the next glacial era on 100 thousand years, scientists claim.

Having constructed the model of climate of Earth considering atmospheric, sea, glacial factors, and also a global cycle of carbon, climatologists calculated impact of emissions of CO2 on ice volumes in the Northern hemisphere. Even small emissions of carbon dioxide will influence destiny of glacial boards for tens of thousands of years.

"Even without anthropogenous climatic shifts a new glacial era had to begin not earlier than through 50 thousand years that does the Holocene record-breaking long the mezhlednikovy. But our research showed that emissions of CO2 from burning of oil, gas and coal can shift this term on 50 thousand years. As a matter of fact, we pass the whole cycle — this unprecedented phenomenon" — the leading author of article Andrey Ganopolsky noted.


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