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Investments in the Arctic: plans and prospects

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On May, 2nd, 2014 the president of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has signed the decree defining overland territories of the Arctic zone of Russia. The list included polar subjects of Federation and northern areas of large regions of the country. Including Norilsk which is an advanced post of Russia in Arctic regions. Possessing the developed infrastructure, volume of the made electric power and an accessible social base, Norilsk can become one of the centres of the accelerated development and development of the Arctic zone.

As any other region, Arctic regions it is rich with minerals. However, that this severe land actively developed, scale investments are necessary. And not only from the state. How to stimulate business to put in development of the Arctic region? And what effect can give it in the future? About it is in the edition publication “Komsomol truth - Krasnoyarsk”.

Riches of a permafrost

Development of Arctic regions became recently one of the basic priorities of the country. Last year the government has confirmed strategy of development of the Arctic zone till 2020 which assumes the complex approach to region development. On the area the Arctic zone occupies about 3,1 million square kilometres, or 18 % of the Russian territory. Therefore its transformation into leading strategic resource base of the country inevitably, is considered by experts.

It is remarkable that already now in Arctic regions it is extracted more than 80 % of the Russian gas, over 90 % - nickel and cobalt. In the sum the region gives 12-15 % of a total internal product. Besides, Northern sea way which sees to politicians as a new transport artery between Europe and Asia here lies. According to "Gazprom", initial total resources of hydrocarbons only a continental shelf of Russia make nearby 100 млрд tons of conditional fuel, 80 % from which - gas. But only the reconnoitered stocks of uranium are that that they will suffice for 250-300 years, have counted up at Institute of geology and mineralogy of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Nevertheless, despite all pluses, experts notice that the main problem is backwardness of an infrastructure. It brakes realisation of industrial and social development of the Arctic territories.

Privileges are necessary to business

World experience shows: to involve investors in difficult region for development, tax privileges and other advantages are necessary. Recently the country authorities place emphasis on creation of territories of advancing development (TORAHS). This theme in December of last year in the message to Federal meeting was stated by the president. First of all the similar status have decided to give to territories of Eastern Siberia and the Far East. The enterprises located in such zones, could receive five years' vacation under the profit tax, НДПИ (except for oil and gas), to land taxes and property, and also the preferential rate of insurance payments.

By the way, similar world practice has already proved the efficiency. To take at least experience of Chile. At the expense of creation of TORAHS the world's largest there was formed кластер on copper extraction. The Australian territory of Pilbara (a total area of 500 thousand square kilometres) at the expense of the stimulus, the facilitated mode of licensing and state investments into an infrastructure for 20 years has turned to the world leader on extraction of iron ore, сжиженного natural gas and other minerals.

According to experts, in the conditions of instability in foreign markets of Russia it is necessary to stake on development in the country. Creation of territories of advancing development can raise competitiveness of our companies. And the preferential mode will provide a stable gain of mining operations and will increase incomes in budgets of all levels. But where them to create? Within the limits of complex development of Arctic regions by one of such TORAHS there could be Taimyr peninsula with the centre in Norilsk industrial region of Krasnoyarsk region.

- Huge natural resources of region already in itself involve investors, there is a question: and what it disturbs? - Andrey Bugrov, замгендиректора ГМК “Norilsk nickel” - the basic player on Tajmyre is perplexed. - the Investor comes there where to it it is comfortable where corresponding conditions for business dealing are created. Mechanisms everywhere are identical: presence of a necessary infrastructure, the minimum quantity of administrative barriers, the preferential taxation. Territories of advancing development should become comfortable platforms for investors and points of growth of economy of all country.

For comparison, by estimates of "Nornikelja" creation Tajmyrsky добычного and industrial кластера will give the general contribution to gross national product of Russia in 300 млрд dollars till 2030. Thus growth of tax payments will allow to increase incomes of the regional budget by 33 %, or nearby 1,4 млрд dollars a year.

Social sphere

State and business teamwork is necessary for intensive development of regions. Thus in certain cases to the large companies coming to region to erect all infrastructure from zero there is no sense. For example, in Norilsk this question is already solved. New players can use power in region power and transport capacities. In this connection Norilsk which is an advanced post of Russia in Arctic regions, with its developed infrastructure, volume of the made electric power and an accessible social base, can become one of the centres of the accelerated development and development of the Arctic zone.

As potential for development on peninsula the huge. According to experts, about 75 % of territory of region for today remains not studied. For example, the company “Norilsk nickel” conducts extraction only in radius of 30 km from Norilsk. But the next years plans to expand a field of activity and twice to increase investments into geological prospecting. Nevertheless without stimulus of the state and investments into an infrastructure the region potential can remain not completely realised.
Thus support to business is important not only from the federal centre, but also from the regional authorities. Besides an industrial infrastructure and privileges for attraction of investors it is necessary for state to create conditions for comfortable residing of people at this severe region.

- After disorder of Soviet Union rich northern territories have appeared left to the mercy of fate and were on the verge of a survival, - Pavel Semizorov, the deputy of Legislative Assembly of Krasnoyarsk region from Norilsk speaks. - signing by the president of the decree, in my opinion, should force to take the state steps towards development of these territories, and also to pay steadfast attention to questions of development of an infrastructure of northern territories and life of simple citizens. After all this decree means further occurrence of new social guarantees and privileges.

According to the expert, only in this case life and work on the Far North will get again appeal and become economic.


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