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Canadians will learn the continental shelf of the North Pole

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Two Ledokol the Canada otpravylys in North Ledovytыy ocean. Court vыshly port of Newfoundland and ultimate distance it shall tochkoy s area with a number of ridges University. Will expedition dlytsya SIX days.

Ships Terry Fox and Louis St. Lawrence embarked on podvodnыy spine nazvannыy in honor of the great n researchers. Problem importantly it shall Ridge Study University, kotorыy tyanetsya here to Эlsmyra Severn pole. Continental shelf Severn pole yzuchat luchshye Ships prysposoblennыe for эtyh purposes.

Reason expedition tryvyalna - in areas etom mogut nahodytsya nerazvedannыh to 30% stocks and 13% gas stocks nerazvedannыh oil. In December 2013 the Year obratylas Canada at the UN with Requirements peresmotret hranytsы, prolehayuschye okeanskomu on the bottom. Kanadtsы asked rasshyryt continental shelf in the Atlantic of 1.2 million sq km. Pohozhye Requirements vыdvynuly and Some others of the country, including, and Russia. Togda same info appeared at the request of kanadtsev peresmotret hranytsы Effect countries in Severn Ledovytom Ocean.

Recall, in August of 2007 rossyyskye hlubokovodnыe Apparatuses "Mir-1" and "Mir-2" ripe bottom Severn Ledovytoho ocean ridge in the area Mendeleev (on the East ridge before a University). Togda bыly vzyatы obraztsы soil, that allowed the oboznachyt nauchnыe prytyazanyya etom Russia in the region.


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