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Saturday, 11 January 2014 23:48

Fight for the North Pole. Development of the Canadian Arctic strategy in the mirror press: assessment and interpretation

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Ending 2013 outputs a voltage to Arctic policy in Canada , becoming an important turning point in its polar strategy. For Prime Minister Stephen Harper this country the issue of sovereignty in the Arctic region is part of the political agenda . He instructed his subordinates to the inclusion of the North Pole in the application , they are going to submit to the UN Commission on the Law of the Sea .

In tie with this , the new Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird made an important statement : Canada will attempt to expand its borders in the Arctic to the North Pole and the Lomonosov Ridge ( underwater mountain chain length of 1800 kilometers, extending from the Canadian island of Ellesmere Russian Siberian Islands to the North Pole ) . According to the newspaper "The Star", this intention goes beyond the original plan to expand the boundaries of the continental shelf on the grounds of the country. As the newspaper writes , " Baird not denied reports that Prime Minister Stephen Harper at the last minute joined the debate by insisting that the North Pole was included in the Canadian application . This happened after scientists determined position of the boundary of the country just south of the pole . " (Canada makes territorial claim for North Underwater Lomonosov Ridge passes Ellesmere Island at the magnetic pole , which should be a justification for the territorial geological query Canada. "The fact that the Lomonosov Ridge was not fully included in the card statements that fed my ministry before - said Baird , together with the Minister of Environment Canada Leona Aglukkak . - And, frankly , we believe that when carried out such an extensive mapping work , we want to include the entire map of the Arctic , including the Lomonosov Ridge . " Such reasoning leads politikov1 Canadian columnist Joshua Keating in the article with a great name , " Escalation (very) cold war between Canada and Russia ." (Joshua Keating. The (Very) Cold War Between Canada and Russia Esacalated. Slate. 2013 . 10 December/www.slate.com/blogs/the_world_/2013/12/10/arctic-claims-the-very-cold-war -between-canada-and-russia-escalates-html). Even before these events, experts have argued that the Lomonosov Ridge will play the role of the main prize in the pending territorial dispute between the Arctic countries. Russian edition of "Arctic North" leads Canadian considerations on the map with the notes in the article with no less great name "Invisible War in the Arctic dimension of space ." ( Arctic North. 2013 . 11) A little explanation . Continental shelf - very moving concept in terms of international law. According to United Nations international convention , countries are entitled to their Continental Shelf at a distance of up to 200 miles from shore. In some cases , this area may be expanded based on what a corner of the continental slope or thickness of sediment on the seabed , especially in cases of sparsely populated but resource-rich Arctic.

From Canadian observers and analysts are not passed information that just a day after the Canadian statement of claim to the North Pole , President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia will increase its military presence in the Arctic. Reported edition «The National Post». (National Post. 2013 . 10)

In these publications, too many militant rhetoric and terminology associated with the military- political confrontation . Meanwhile , it would be useful to draw attention to the features of the Arctic policy in Canada . Feature of public policy in Canada in the Arctic is that this country is first formed the most comprehensive conceptual framework to promote its national interests in the region. In fact, back in 1996 it was the only state ready to implement its foreign policy in the Arctic basin , creating an appropriate regulatory framework, organizational structure and reflecting the national interests of the model of international cooperation. An example of such a model has become educated on the initiative of the Canadian Arctic Council , rules and features of the functioning of which were adopted by other Arctic states by default. ( Tribuna. 2013 . 29.12 / / http://www.tribuna.ru/upload/iblock/6d5/).

Canadian guide is aimed at significantly strengthening its position in the region in the near future due to the phased implementation of projects aiming at expanding the economic shelf zone of the country in the Arctic. Canada believes that a comprehensive national security interests in the region it must have water area between the North Pole and its Arctic Archipelago .

Describing such an approach , it should be noted that the political leadership of the country adheres to the option " sector " in the Arctic region - borders extend from the extremities of national territories directly through the meridians to the North Pole . Arctic in this section is divided into sectors borders into unequal parts . At the same time Russia gets the largest portion (approximately 5.8 million square kilometers ) , followed by Canada , then Denmark, Norway and the last - the United States.

Ottawa tries to strengthen its regional military capabilities not only direct way - buildup of forces , but also indirectly , through the "soft power" - expert communities through promoting the idea of a nuclear-free zone in the Arctic . According to the country's leadership , in the case of the successful implementation of this project, the role of its aircraft in the Arctic could increase significantly due to a sharp decline in the capacity of such weighty players in the process of " division of the Arctic ," as Russia and the United States .

Although Canadians are aware that the idea of a nuclear-free Arctic will face strong opposition from the nuclear powers , however they tend to spread as widely as possible this initiative through international and non-governmental organizations . So, in April 2012 the Canadian scientific society " Rideau " ( Ottawa) published a report "Non-proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Arctic ," which predicted possible catastrophic scenarios in the Arctic , down to the regional conflict involving nuclear weapons . ( Tribuna. 2013 . 29.12 / / http://www.tribuna.ru/upload/iblock/6d5/).

In the interest of increasing its presence in the Arctic leadership announced its intention to build a deep sea port from the east gate of the Northwest Passage in the village Nanisivike ( Fr. Baffin Island, Nunavut ) . According to the Russian edition of "Arctic North" to justify nationality areas of the continental shelf in the Arctic Geological Survey of Canada carries out scientific researches in the study of the Arctic Ocean . Currently work is being done in the area of . Borden . The main goal of the research is to gather scientific evidence , accessories underwater ridges Alpha and Mendeleev North American continental platform for legal justification Canadian claims to expanding the boundaries of the exclusive economic zone in the Arctic region . ( Arctic North. 2013 . 11

Experts warn that the resolution of the old debate about what the country - or any country - which runs right to call in the Arctic Ocean Lomonosov Ridge, a continuation of its sovereign territory , can take anywhere from 13 to 23 years. " UN Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf to decide how strong geological data ", - explained Professor of Law at the University of Ottawa's Donald McRae "Now the commission has a lot of unresolved cases . If Canada submits its application in 2013 , then , according to some estimates , the review process may take 10-20 years. " (Canada confident of claim on Arctic underwater mountain range / / http://ieport.ru/19177-kanada-uverena-v-svoem-prave-pretendovat-na.html).

I think, on this difficult journey Canada and Russia could cooperate and join forces and not fuel suspicions in relation to each other . For example, despite the existence of territorial disputes between Canada and Denmark ( the parties can not agree on the ownership of the island Hans ) , both states are trying to prove that the Lomonosov Ridge ( claimed by both Russia ) docked with the Canadian Ellesmere Island and Danish Greenland. To this end, these countries organize complex research expeditions to the area of the Greenland Sea , during which they learn the seabed and take soil samples .

Arbakhan Magomedov

Source: http://glasru.ru/arbahan-magomedov-borba-za-severnyiy-polyus-razvitie-kanadskoy-arkticheskoy-strategii-v-zerkale-pressyi-otsenki-i-interpretatsii/

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