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Canada asks to give her the North Pole and the Arctic

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Canada on the last day of the UN filed a request for an extension of its shelf within the Arctic. This was reported today by the Canadian Media Foreign Minister John Baird . "We have asked our officials and scientists to conduct additional work needed to apply for the entire continental shelf of Canada , including the North Pole" - quoted Minister of Canadian broadcaster CTV.

The application stated that Canada has applied for a total expansion of the territory of 1.2 million square meters. km . The minister stressed that they had applied for , following the example of Denmark and Russia also claim to the Arctic shelf . Application has been made to the UN Commission on the Law of the Sea . Now is the status of the provisional application . After its introduction in Canada are going to continue to conduct further research . Now study the shelf in the country have already spent nine years and $ 200 million .

Confirm Canada's Arctic claims can only be if scientists can prove that the Lomonosov Ridge in the Arctic Ocean is a natural extension of the Canadian shelf. However , Canada is unlikely, experts say.

Canadian broadcaster quoted an international law expert Michael Byers . He points out that of the three countries now applying for inclusion in the North Pole, its territories ( Russia , Canada, Denmark ) , most chances Denmark. " After 5 , 10 or 20 years, we have to admit that the North Pole is not a Canadian " - said the expert . According to him, Prime Minister Stephen Harper "did not want to be publicly perceived as the prime minister who refused from the North Pole , even if the scientific evidence does not support claims Canadian ."

According to the Convention on the Law of the Sea United Nations, the country included 13 - mile zone of territorial waters . Then , each country belongs to the 200- mile exclusive economic zone . In addition, each State may lay claim to the other areas of the seabed , if it can prove that it is an extension of their continental shelf.

Now the Arctic shelf claim three countries . First filed their claim Russia , in 2002, she applied for a 1.2 million square meters. km . shelf .. This year it was joined Denmark - it claims to be 62 thousand square meters. ki . In addition, there were also claims satisfied Norway - in 2009 she received in their use of 235 thousand square meters. km . shelf. Earlier , in 1926, Russia announced the CEC the entire area from the North Pole to mainland USSR its territory. Likewise entered Canada as well have adopted a "sector approach." In 1982, the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea . It was first stipulated that the territorial jurisdiction of the State extends only to the shelf . In 1997, Russia joined him . However , after signing the document remained uncertain status of the underwater Lomonosov Ridge . It laid claim to three countries - Russia , Canada and Denmark . Each country is now conducting research , trying to prove that the ridge is an extension of their continental shelf.


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