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The Arctic Council: the results of the meeting in Kiruna

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At the end in Kiruna ministerial meeting - members of the Arctic Council summed up the results of two years of the Swedish presidency of the organization. The title of chairman moved to Canada. On the outcome of the meeting, "The Voice of Russia," said the representative of the Russian Federation in the Arctic Council, the special envoy Anton Vasilyev.

"In Kiruna took 8th Ministerial Meeting of the Arctic Council - told the" Voice of Russia "Anton Vasiliev. - She completed the first cycle of 8 Presidency of the Council. This was noted by the adoption of the Joint Statement" Arctic Vision "(Vision for Arctic). It welcomed the ministers and the fact of creation of the Arctic Council, and the development of international cooperation in the Arctic over the past 16 years.

We have also adopted the so-called Kirunskuyu declaration. It summed up two years of the Swedish Presidency and outlined the main features in the direction of work for the coming years, under the chairmanship of Canada. Among the major successes in the past two years, it was noted the signing of two legally binding pan-Arctic document. One of them - "Agreement on Cooperation in the field of preparedness and response to oil pollution in the Arctic Sea" - was signed exactly at Kiruna. And in 2011 in Nuuk countries - members of the Arctic Council signed the "Agreement on Cooperation in the field of aviation and maritime search and rescue." In Kiruna also established the Permanent Secretariat of the Arctic Council. He will work in Tromso. "

Anton Vasilyev emphasized outlined in Kiruna cooperation plans for the future. The main directions are as follows: there will be more attention to the development of direct ties between the northern regions of the Arctic states and to the people who live and work in the Arctic, including, of course, the indigenous peoples of the North. It will also develop those areas of cooperation that has already proved its relevance. This is, first and foremost, to ensure technological safety, the environment, the destruction of existing man-made pollution.

Adopted as a program of scientific and practical research. In particular, it will explore the trends of biodiversity in the Arctic. For example, little is known about what goes acidification of the Arctic Ocean. It appears more secreted by human activity carbon dioxide from the atmosphere enters the water, increasing its acidity. This leads to the destruction of calcium which comprises a backbone of all living organisms in the Arctic.

Discussed and other problems. For example, dealt with the serious advice to all who live in the North: not recommended sunbathing in April and May, as a result of climate change, the ozone layer is thinning, and there may be serious skin disease.

Arctic nations are working together on these issues. Many of the ideas and wishes it was suggested the next chairman of the Arctic Council - Canada.

Source: Voice of Russia

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