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In Siberia new methods of 3D seismic exploration for the search for hydrocarbons in the Arctic are created

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Scientific methods of oil and gas geology and geophysics (INGG) of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences are developing new methods of three-dimensional seismic exploration to search for oil and gas fields in the Far North and the shelf of the Arctic seas. The work is carried out jointly with the Krasnoyarsk subsidiary of PJSC "Rosneft".

The methods will help to get the correct results of troubleshooting in 3D models that can be used to create the project. INGG SB RAS Vladimir Cheverda. According to him, in the summer full-scale seismic exploration in shallow water is difficult. In winter, the researchers are hampered by a powerful ice cover.
"Some oil companies tried to organize monitoring on floating ice, but faced uncontrollable interference. We knew how to understand the source of interference and create fundamentally new methods for 3D seismic processing of minerals and software that is oriented to modern high-performance computing systems (supercomputers), "Tess told Tcheverda.
According to the project manager, scientists will create models for the distribution of waves at depth, to identify clusters of heterogeneities in exploration areas and make recommendations on the design of 3D seismic systems. The work will be carried out in two directions - mathematical modeling of fields and solution of inverse problems, when the parameters of "underground" (and why quotes? Not in direct meaning?) The environment is restored according to intelligence.
"With the help of mathematical modeling, we will be able to create three-dimensional realistic models that describe the main sections of the Far North and the shelf of the Arctic seas," the scientist noted.
The development is conducted with the support of the Russian Science Foundation, the period is 2017-2019.


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