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Our Arctic: new development of Russia will conquer the Arctic region

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Disputes for the richest with resources of not Wad Dra of the Arctic will only accrue, however, to possess something far doesn't mean effectively it to use. Any country isn't prepared for production of minerals in severe Arctic conditions better today, than Russia. And this separation continues to increase.


Efficiency of production in difficult conditions of the Arctic climate is defined by advanced technologies and technical readiness. Russia by right takes the place of the leader in the number of ice breakers — 40 iron ice "rams" for days are without a break ready to lay a way to tankers. Among them and the most powerful atomic. For comparison: Denmark has 4 ice breakers, at Norway – 1, at the USA – 3. It is more than ice breakers only at Canada – 2 heavy and more than ten small class.

But magnificent technical readiness make a half of business. There is a certain problem of transportation of gas and oil in the conditions of the Arctic. And the solution found by Russia will allow to make new breakthrough and to increase a separation of the Russian Federation in this "Arctic" race.

The Kazan scientists have developed kinetic inhibitors — substances which slow down process of formation of hydrates when transporting hydrocarbons. The head of SAE "Ekoneft" at the Kazan federal university Mikhail Varfolomeyev has shared some details of a novelty:

"Use of inhibitors significantly increases time of formation of gas hydrates, and it allows to carry out transportation. Inhibitors also reduce temperature, it allows to keep liquid state in the bigger range of temperature — this very important. Volumes of inhibitors which are developed at us in KFU it is much less, and they are more effective".

Are in the project in Gazprom already actively interested and, most likely, the company will approve him and will bring in the investment program. It, in turn, will allow to accelerate processes of introduction of a novelty in a technological row.

It should be noted that inhibitor is produced on the basis of domestic raw materials. At the moment scientists in details investigate technology in the short term to start production of reagent commercially.



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